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Archive for January 27th, 2009

Judge William O Maki

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Chancery Judge William O Maki:

I have very little experience with this judge, but so far my opinion is as follows:

Outstanding demeanor and temperment. Calm, patient, and measured.

Takes issues under advisement and researches topics before making decisions. Writes down references quoted by litigants and actually looks them up and studies them before making decisions. This is perhaps the most important character of a good judge – that he/she takes issues under advisement and takes time to research them and consider them instead of making a knee-jerk decision on an issue about which they are not expert. Knee-jerk decisions are dangerous, often colored by confirmatory bias, and often faulty, having more to do with boosting a judge’s ego than with justice.

Intellectually honest and appears to follow the law and state the basis for his decisions. Appears to treat both sides fairly and listens intently. Asks insightful questions of litigants on both sides. Allows adequate time for argument. Knowledgeable of the law.

On a provisional basis until I get to know this judge better, I highly recommend him as an extremely competent and reasonable jurist.

Written by Linda Shelton

January 27, 2009 at 8:42 pm

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