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Circuit Court of Cook County a Criminal Enterprise

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Judge Maddux of the Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division runs his division as a criminal enterprise, denying First Amendment Right to Redress of Grievances, to indigent plaintiffs, if he doesn’t like you, thinks you sue too much, or if you have filed suit against corrupt officials in Cook County or the State of Illinois. He uses the Sheriff’s office as a goon squad to harass and falsely arrest those that complain about his scheme and unconstitutional conduct. He should be impeached.

Chief Judge Evans of the Circuit Court of Cook County condones his conduct as does the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Dorothy Brown. Dorothy Brown has announced she is running for the office of President of the Board of Cook County Commissioners. I cannot support her under the circumstances of her misconduct.

I call upon President Stroger to remove Judge Timothy Evans as Chief Judge and replace him with an honest person. He has been Chief Judge too long and is too corrupt to continue in this position. Rumor has it he also participates in pay-to-play demanding 10% contributions to the political fund “Friends of Madigan” for every contract he grants concerning the Circuit Court of Cook County. I also call on the FBI to investigate both Judge Evans and Judge Maddux for RICO violations and corruption.

I also urge voters in Cook County to never againt vote for the ineffective and corrupt Sheriff Dart or for Dorothy Brown. We need leaders with vision, honesty, integrity, who act as professionals, admit mistakes, recognize and correct problems agressively, and are willing to meet with members of the public to solve problems. Status quo is no longer good enough. Change is required from the top down, starting with Todd Stroger, Cook County Board President.


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  1. I hired Attorney Richard Larry Gerber @ 111 West Washington to represent my children in medical malpratice. Attorney Gerber misrepresented and under-represented my children. He violated Illinois law (77 111.App.3d 641,652 2nd Dist 1979) I fired Gerber and hired new attorney. Gerber refused to release my documents to new attorney. Presiding Judge Lynn Marie Egan awarded extraordinary fees to Attorney Richard Gerber. When I questioned his extra fees and other matters, Judge Egan became very angry. I contacted Judge Evans with this corruption and he forward my letters to Judge Maddux. Judge Egan expressed her anger in open court regarding this information she received from Judge Maddux. Then I get a nasty letter from Judge Maddux which I felt was poor behavior. Now I need an attorney who will take on a malpractice case and perhaps or maybe cook county. (773) 557-9947


    Almer Jean Nwannewuihe

    August 2, 2009 at 3:51 am

  2. After hiring Richard Larry Gerber who is now located at 200 West Madison Avenue, Chicago IL 60606 # Ph 312-759-3999–Misrepresented and Under-represented my children. He violated Illinois Law (77 111.App.3d 641, 652 2nd Dist. 1979) I fired him to hired new attorney and he refused to released my documents to new attorney. Presiding Judge Lynn Marie Egan urged me to continue to use him as my attorney and awarded extraordinary fees to Attorney Gerber. When I began to question them, I was berated and removed as the administrator of my children’s estate by the judge. Sent complaint to Judge Evans and Judge Evans forward my complaint to Judge Maddux. Judge Maddux forward the same complaint back to Judge Lynn M. Egan, the presiding judge. As of this day, my children money is being lost in stock which new administrator is handling.


    Almer Jean

    May 5, 2010 at 1:41 pm

  3. I am seeking a legal malpractice attorney(s) to honestly represent this case which derived from medical malpractice case. You’ll never beleive what has happen! As I said before, I hired Attorney Richard Larry Gerber to represent my children in a medical malpractice case. After I agreed to a settlement, Attorney Gerber called me on my cell phone to say that Judge Lynn Marie Egan, persiding judge, just awarded $110.000.00 to each of the three children in Nigeria, who claimed that my ex-husband fathered them. This money is to be taken from the settlement which I have already agreed to. Gerber claimed that my ex-husband’s brother and sisters came into the Judged Egan’s Chamber with pictures, letters and birth certificates, showing relationship between them and my ex-husband,the deceased. I asked Gerber if there was a DNA taken. Attorney Gerber said that it would take three more years to have a DNA tests taken. Returned to court to have Judge Lynn Egan threaten to remove me as the administrator over the estate if I did not sign agreed order. She called me erratic mother and continued to speak to me in a harsh manner. Judge Egan said that she would have my ex-husband’s wife to travel to American and claim most of the money if I did not move forward by signing the agreed order.
    I hired new attorney which Attorney Gerber along with his assistant, Attorney David Novoselsky would not release my documents as I signed release paper. Instead, Attorney Novoselsky was very unpleasant over the phone and hung it up while talking to new attorney.
    I was removed as the administrator, Attorney Gerber was awarded extraordinary fees totaled $803.250.00. MB Financial Bank sent a letter to my home, informing me that Attorney Richard L. Gerber and Attorney David Novoselsky is the attorneys over my children’s account and she, Frances Fata-MB Financial is the administrator over the account. The money in MB Financial Bank was put into Stock and continue going down.
    My children and I travel to Nigeria to meet their brothers who were awarded the $110,000.00 each which total to $330,000,00. After mentioning the malpractice case in Chicago, Illinois, they did not even know what I was talking about. In other words, they did not even know there was a medical malpractice case upon losing their father. I noticed that they were having such hardship. Where did $330.000.00 go? I can assure you that it did not go to Nigeria. I met with the woman who claimed to be my ex-husband’s wife. I asked her- “why did she give up your rights not to receive anything money so that your children can get money when you deserve something as well?”Judge Egan stated this in open court. Nigerian Wife did not know what I was talking about. They never heard of Attorney Hofeld & Schaffner who represented them. Was this a case of Fraud? How can these lawyers be this unjust? I did find out that when an officer of the court is found to have fraudulently presented facts to court so that the court is imparied in the impartial performance of its legal task, known as fraud—there is no statute of limitation.
    Again, I am seeking a legal malpractice attorney(s) who is not corrupt and will help these children get what they deserve—JUSTICE.


    Almer Jean

    March 17, 2011 at 3:13 pm

  4. Amber, can you post your case number please?



    May 26, 2013 at 6:17 am

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