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Bail in Illinois is Fraud & Supports a Criminal Enterprise

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The Circuit Court of Cook County is a criminal enterprise with judges doing illegal acts to support this enterprise. Part of the corruption is ingrained in unconstitutional Illinois statutes written so that the judges could abuse them – surely written under the influence of Cook County corrupt officials. These are the statutes about bail.

The scheme goes like this: Bail laws state that the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk can keep 10 % of bond posted even when one is innocent as a fee for processing the bail. This means if you are innocent and the bail is $1000, the court keeps $10.  If the bail is $1 million, the court keeps $10,000 FOR THE SAME SERVICE!!  This is fraud under federal law. This denies equal protection under the law as a person loses their property (money) under fraudulent circumstances (clerk charges different people different amounts for same service of processing bond) without due process of law – and the judges have an incentive to set outrageous bail amounts. 

For example when a medical biller ties their fee to send in a medical bill to the doctor’s fee by charging by percentage (say 10%) of the doctor’s income, instead of charging per piece of service (per bill say $10) this causes the medical biller to be paid FOR THE DOCTOR’S work. So if the biller works for a surgeon whose average bill is $3,000, they get $300 every time they send in a bill and for the same amount of work if they send in a bill for a psychiatrist of $200, they only keep $20. The US Attorney has convicted medical billers of this fraud upon the State as Medicaid is essentially paying 10 % of the payments to the doctors for their services to the medical biller. The correct thing to do is for the biller to charge a standard fee for each bill no matter how large the bill.

Therefore, through fraud and essentially extortion of defendants, both innocent and guilty, the court clerk funds her office. Then Illinois banned bail bondsmen to make it easier for the clerk to quarantee this fraudulent income.

That is why bail is set so high in Illinois. It is usually exorbitant in order to fund the County office of the Court Clerk. With the present downturn in the economy the bails seem to be increasing!  I have proof that an innocent victim of corruption was wrongfully charged of kicking an officer in the chest with a disabled leg (physically impossible for her) from her wheelchair. She had no prior convictions and is indigent. Bail was set at $100,000.  I also have evidence that bail on several misdemeanor trespass charges was set at $25,000.  We need a federal investigation.

Illinois surely is a criminal enterprise!  Where are the feds?

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  1. Linda:

    Enjoyed this article immensely! You are right about the fraud in the so-called “Bond Court”; we are planning a series of articles on the crookedness in the Crook County Court system. The “Bond Court” is a fraud – defendants are not given any chance to challenge the amount of bond set by the judge – the “Public Defender’s Office” – another sick joke – sends a sock puppet to stand there stupidly and say nothing in defense of their so-called client, who is handed an excessive bond and then sent back to jail to sit for a few days and think about whether to “cop out” – plead guilty to a crime he or she may not have even committed – or to “decide” to stay in Cook County Jail for a month until such time as they are granted an opportunity for a hearing to reduce their bail. This amounts to a system in which unconvicted defendants can either plead guilty and go back to their homes, families and jobs or fight their case from jail – a process that can take up to seven years! Given this “choice”, is it any wonder that Cook County prosecutors enjoy a 98% conviction rate?

    We wish that there was an easy way to fix the rotten judicial system in the US, but there isn’t. It will take a workers revolution to cleanse the filth of the Crook County Judicial system – and that of the rest of the US as well. The sooner we get started the better! The lives of hundreds of thousands of workers – our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers – are being ruined every year by the criminally unjust system of the United States – this “land of the free” with more people in jail per capita than any other country in the world!

    Workers of the World, Unite!


    Independent Workers Party of Chicago



    July 11, 2013 at 6:58 pm

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