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Corrupt divorce judges give kids to abusers, addicts, demonize healthy parent

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Our goal is to bring the issues to the light of day and expose the names and actions, in detail, of divorce court, probate court, and mental health court judges who take control of a family’s or elderly persons funds and estate and essentially divy it out to court appointed child representatives, guardians, counselors, property managers, etc., raping the estates and essentially stealing all funds even college funds families have saved for children.

When an elderly person is alleged to have been exploited or abused the courts, without due process or clear and  convincing evidence ban family members from seeing the elderly person, kidnap and imprison the elderly person in a nursing home, often of poor quality, and then sell all their assets and bleed them out to this endless list of managers, guardians and counselors. Then the elderly person dies in misery alone, with all the money they saved taken and not used to take care of their needs at the ends of their lives.

In divorce court, the judges appoint a guardian or child representative, who is unqualified to do their jobs. They fail to appoint professionals who would do a proper investigation of the best interest of the children. Then these court appoint slashers pick the parent with the most funds to demonize. False accusations of “mental illness” are made if a parent calls DCFS and the judges maliciously and wrongfully rule that a parent who calls DCFS with a legitimate concern about the other parent is a “danger to the children” because they are causing the kids to be exposed to an unfounded allegation.  If any DCFS investigation turns out to be unfounded the parent that calls the report in will never get custody of their child and at most will have a few supervised visits – but this parent will be forced to pay support to the abusing parent.

The judges for whom we have documented evidence in the form of transcripts, court pleadings and DCFS reports that have harmed families and children in the above manner include:

Judge David Haracz              linked evidence     linked evidence

Judge Vega

Judge Jacobius

Judge Bellows

Judge Evans

Judge Mathein

Written by Linda Shelton

August 7, 2011 at 10:08 am

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