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I support ANONYMOUS in actions against corrupt government – down with tyrants!

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For too long now, the corrupt in government have been trashing the Constitution and de facto eliminating our Constitutional rights.  The 1 % and greedy are abusing the rest of us getting richer while making us poorer, denying education to the masses, denying health care, denying access to knowledge, denying the freedom to speak our mind and the justice of the courts.  Multinational corporations now control our governments. Our Constitution has no weight.  Our U.S. Supreme Court even refuses to enforce its own rulings. When the courts trash our rights, we no longer have remedy.

ANONYMOUS  – a secret society of hackers around the world dedicated to a free and open Internet [able to hack into anything], in response to the murder of Aaron Swartz , an Internet genius and proponent of free access to knowledge paid for by taxpayer dollars, has now decided to use their last resort and act.  The line has now been drawn in the sand.  They have reluctantly decided to act as a last resort due to the tyrany we now experience.

The Internet War against government corruption has now been unleashed. They have launched the first missile.

I support it.  I also ask ANONYMOUS to help us by publicizing the systemic lawlessness of the courts in Cook County and Illinois that I have revealed on this web site.

Please view the video in this link that announces the beginning of the Internet War to reform our corrupt government.

May God Help us! Tyrants in the Cook County Courts and in our government must be exposed, removed, and reform must occur.  There is no other option.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

This is my response to the death of Aaron Swartz [an Internet and computer genius who invented RSS at the age of 14 and founded Reddit, who worked tirelessly for Internet freedom]:

Aaron’s death has devastated me. I and many others before and presently have tried to improve the world by working to right the wrongs that we bump into so annoyingly. Aaron in terms of Internet access to knowledge that our taxes paid for; me to make our courts transparent and information in our court system open to all so that we can bring to the light of day the corruption that is destroying us, most of all destroying children, elderly, families, and those of us who are working so hard, sacrificing so much, and mostly caring about others especially our children’s futures as well as the many before us and after us that will do the same. Yet our own government is used to destroy us in order to keep knowledge, justice, and freedom in the hands of the 1%, as well as in the hands of the corrupt, instead of in the hands of the people. I have also been arrested on fraudulent and excessive charges apparently in efforts to try to shut me up and shut down my blogs. I know exactly how Aaron felt. The hopelessness and despair are hard to fight. I pray that all those who knew Aaron and heard of him will help continue what is a fight, in the case of Aaron and likely soon in my case to the death. I hope his friends will pursue his cause with a vengeance, as well as try to help others, like me and our group of whistle blowers and activists who are seeking to bring more transparency and justice to the world, as well as stop the cover-up of the corruption that is lining the pockets of the corrupt, the connected, and the exclusive 1%, at the expense of the 99%.

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  1. Haveing been born in CROOK COUNTY and growing up there paying police not to give me that ticket i got a taste of corruption at a very early age and never thought any thing of it ,thinking this is the normal way things are.As i grew older and wiser i knew this was just the tip of the ice burg.And that corruption only begins there but spans much farther.All through the Government right up to the top.And if there are those who cant be bought with gifts and brib’s they somehow vanish.Or get caught with 1 pound of coke in the trunk of there car.Or maby they fall from a very tall building.Cover up is the name of the game.Your either a team player or your off of the game one way or another.It would be like being an honest man in tha mafia,you will have a very short life span,you endanger the whole team.We are still woundering what happened to J.F.K.Does any one realy believe Lee Harvey Oswall killed him?? Maby that will come out that a hit squad from our own white house was behind it.Or all these wars we have been fighting over wepons of mass distruction,has anyone seen them yet?Those peoples idea of war is stand at the border and throw rocks,they wouldnt know how to use a wepon of mass distruction if we gave them one with instructions. Sorry but i feel it is way past the time for truth.The people of this country should know all of it.People the time is now,a new day is dawning………………………..AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET THEM FREE!………………………………………………..



    January 26, 2013 at 3:23 pm




    January 26, 2013 at 8:55 pm

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