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Activists ask U.S. Supreme Court to appoint special master to review and correct lawlessness in Cook County Courts

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This motion to the United States Supreme Court requests that the high court consolidate the issue of lawlessness (denial of civil rights including right to petition for writ of habeas corpus, due process, compulsory process, trial by jury, right to counsel, speedy trial, substitution of judge for cause [bias] and ADA accommodations) in three cases before the court: 12-6561, 11-10814, and 11-10790. It exposes the pervasive and systemic ignorance, maliciousness, cover-up of corruption, and denial of civil rights by judges throughout the Circuit Court of Cook County.

The cases which the activists, Linda Lorincz Shelto, PhD, MD, and Mr. David Bambic are requesting to be consolidated over the issue of appointing a special master to investigate the Cook County Courts and institute systems of oversight of the judges and judicial education including civilian, non-court related oversight include the following three cases:

Motion to consolidate cases over issue of lawlessness in Cook County Courts exhibited by Judges: Michael McHale, Joseph Kazmierski, David Haracz, Peggy Chiampas, Jorge Alonso, Veronica Mathein, Kathleen Pantle, Marie Kuriakos Ciesil, Mary Margaret Brosnahan, Kenneth J. Wadas, Colleen A. Hyland, Noreen Daly, William D. Maddux, Timothy Evans, and E. Kenneth Wright Jr.

Original Petition for Writ of Mandamus for violating habeas corpus rights and holding persons for trial without probable cause.  Case No 12-6561

Exhibits for above: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

Original Petition for Writ of Mandamus in United States Supreme Court due to Trial Court (Judge  Peggy Chiampas) ignoring due process and civil rights (speedy trial, compulsory process, ADA accommodations, substitution of judge for cause [bias]).  Case No 11-10814

Motion for rehearing of 11-10814 after dismissal without comment.

Motion to add two more questions for rehearing concerning refusal to allow petition for writ of habeas corpus to be filed and heard in 11-10814

Original Petition for Writ of Certiorari (appeal) to U.S. Supreme Court regarding lawlessness (violation of trial rights, compulsory process [discovery], refusal to follow Illinois Statutes, and use of hearsay for decisions) Case No 11-10790

Corrupt Judge Noreen Daly commits felony crimes

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Judge Noreen Daly committed felony conspiracy to violate my civil rights and felony retaliation against a federal witness, as well as violated her oath of office and the Illinois Judicial Code of Conduct (Rule 61-67). She like many other judges grossly retaliates against whistle blowers – especially against corrupt judges, those that rightfully complain that their constitutional rights are violated, and those that point out corruption in the courts and state agencies. I believe her motivation is partially simple arrogant incompetence. She can’t stomach a self-represented litigant telling her facts about the law that she should know. She has to retaliate – consciously or unconsciously (known in psychology as “confirmatory bias“)

Dr. Linda Shelton was in court on another bogus trespass case, case no. 09 MC 5 007690. (The four charges police abuse most in making false reports and exaggerating incidents, to retaliate against whistle blowers and persons they dislike are:  trespass, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and battery of police.)

Dr. Shelton showed Judge Daly, through a motion she filed to sanction the States Attorney and Evergreen Park police by dismissing the case, the police incident and arrest report which PROVED that the complainant admitted he NEVER warned Shelton not to come on the property. The law requires that to charge someone with trespass the “owner or occupant” of the property must tell the offender to leave the property or not come on the property.

The police report reveals the ignorant, malicious, and incompetent Evergreen Park Police called a different Linda Shelton (there are six in Cook County) and told her not to come back on the property not this Linda Shelton. That LS told them she never was in Evergreen Park. The phone number listed on the police report is NOT my phone number!

Therefore the case is WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE and therefore it is VOID and the Judge was REQUIRED to immediately dismiss it according to the Judicial Code of Conduct and my constitutional due process rights (5th and 14th Amendments), as well as according to her oath of office.

In order to HARASS Shelton in retaliation for her published documentation of judicial misconduct of other judges at the same Bridgeview Courthouse including Judge Hyland (, which is felony violation of federal law (felony harassment of a federal witness – Shelton is a witness against several judges and sheriff officers; illegal penalty on the exercise of constitutional rights; felony conspiracy to violate civil rights) she refused to rule on Shelton’s motion to dismiss and ordered a mental fitness exam to see if Shelton was too crazy to represent herself.

This is PURE AND UNADAULTERATED HARASSMENT AND JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT. As Shelton has cases pending in the Illinois Appellate Court and Federal District Court where she represent herself, as well as have won over 20 criminal cases against her by representing herself, brought in retaliation for her whistle-blower activities, as well as won several injunctions and mandamus actions against the State and Cook County, it is GROSS JUDICIAL MALICIOUS MISCONDUCT TO SAY THAT IN THIS ONE CASE SHELTON IS NOT ABLE TO REPRESENT HERSELF!! Shelton is obviously turning this evidence of corruption and retaliation over to the FBI and US Attorney. 

All the judges orders are invalid as when there is no probable cause, the case is legally void (a nullity as if it never happened) from the beginning (ab initio) and the judge has NO jurisdiction (authority under the law).

The judges as well as the police are clearly ganging up against Shelton, violating the law, and being lawless and corrupt. Shelton hopes that the US Attorney and the public, through elections which should defeat these creeps, will put them in their place, which includes indictments and convictions to put these corrupt judges behind bars! If these judges would wise up, to save their skins in the coming new scandal to be called “Greylord 2” they would march over to the FBI on 2111 S. Roosevelt Road, confess their crimes and plead for mercy if they cooperate to take down the corrupt judges and officials pressuring them to be corrupt.

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