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How does SARS-CoV-2 virus (a member of coronavirus family) pandemic compare to 1918 influenza pandemic?

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Wash your hands& STAY THE FUCK HOME

My grandfather born in 1887 & an Austrian-Hungarian army pharmacist being sent to Russian front told me he got on a troop train with many soldiers slightly fatigued in 1918.

Ference Lörincz PhD Chemist 1886-1980

By the time they arrived 1 in 10 were dead having drowned in bloody froth.

The 1918 flu killed 18-25 yr  olds relentlessly within 12-24 hrs of onset. Some army bases experienced 80% death rate.

Symptoms were sudden onset severe muscle aches, terrible headache, high fever, & upper respiratory symptoms of wet cough & sniffles, with rapid onset breathing issues & delerium. The illness lasted about 10 days with fever breaking in 5-7 days and 2-3 day incubation period plus patients infectious mostly when sick & day before 1st symptoms. Spread was droplet not airborne.

My grandfather had suffered with the 1889 flu pandemic thought to be related. So he had partial immunity most likely. He suffered a mild case. Obviously no vaccine was available, but unlike COVID19 the population had a level of partial immunity due to endemic yearly seasonal influenza infections. This means generally no more than about 20% of population gets influenza yearly.

No one in world today had partial immunity at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. So, over several years, 80+% of the population can easily become infected if no vaccine available.

COVID19 will burn out when 80% of the population has had it & become immune, with 75 to 79% recovered and 1-5% dead (70,000,000 to 350,000,000 worldwide & 3,310,000 to 16,550,000 in USA over next 12-18 mos).

Number infected by country starting after country’s 1st 100 cases as of 3/24/2020

In view of this disastrous pandemic, it is likely that in future all people will wear masks, wash hands & social distance during flu season.

COVID19 is the illness not the virus and has symptoms of dry cough, low grade fever & fatigue with mild muscle aches. It has a 3 to 14 day incubation period.

15 to 18% who get sick on day 7 or 8 suffer shortness of breath which rapidly worsens ; they need oxygen for a few days. This symptom is insidious & creeps up on a victim without notice suddenly just as fever abating. So, that is why people are being found dead at home or in their nursing home bed before they call for help.

3 % of infected will need a ventilator or will die. There are not enough ventilators, so consensus criteria from medical community is that ventilators will be used 1st for young and healthier persons. This is a devastating decision for hospital personnel to make. To avoid conflict of interest, hospitals have written triage plans & designated disaster triage teams so the attending physician does not make that decision & ethical principles are followed.

This triage & ventilator shortage means that during peak of epidemic in an area when medical rwsources insufficient, if over 65 yrs old, especially if chronically ill with lung or heart disease, diabetes or cancer you will be given oxygen & comfort care while you die, but NOT offered ventilator treatment. At the peak of waves of illness it is likely that 2 of 3 people needing ventilators will have to be given comfort care for the dying instead.


The needs of the many outway the needs of the few

Some have diarrhea & vomiting on day 3 to 8 of illness and some later during illness have sniffles. This increases risk of infection to others.

A peculiar symptom of some even with mild illness or in incubation period is loss of sense of smell & taste.

South Korea, China, Japan & Singapore have proven that STRICT WIDESPREAD testing, case identification, contact identification and tracing, isolation of contacts for 14 days & quarantine of patients CAN SUPPRESS & CONTROL OUTBREAK.

They routinely wear masks during flu & cold season, bow instead of kiss, handshake for greetings & practice excellent hygiene.

The virus is droplet spread 1-4 meters depending on wind & other conditions NOT AIRBORNE like measles or chicken pox. In airplanes people were infected 2 rows ahead or behind a case. It is believed that 10 minutes of exposure within 6 feet of a case is likely to result in infection.

However, hospital personnel are at extremely high risk due to very close exposure & medical procedures which can spray infectious fluids.

Social distancing with strict hand washing & surface disinfecting is key to prevent spread. In absence of strict social distancing and in enclosed spaces masks & eye protection are important.

Coronaviruses can remain infectious on surfaces for hours & can be spread to a person by hand touching surface then face. Extensive spread by touching common surfaces on cruise ships before strict quarantine & isolation in rooms likely cause of rapid spread on cruise ships.

It HAS NOT BEEN DEMONSTRATED that virus can remain infectious on a paper or cardboard package for more than a day, but lab tests show it is stable on cardboard for 72 hours. Also, it can in some circumstances remain stable & therefore theoretically infectious in sufficient dose on plastic surface like packing tape for several days so discard packing cover or box & wash hands after opening package.

Best to open a package with one hand or gloves and remove inside with another hand or after remove glove. Or, wash hands after open package before removing what is inside. Then discard package and wash hands.

If sick isolate at home & wear mask if anyone enters your room to help contain coughed or sneezed infectious droplets.

Use strict hygiene at home. Disinfect doorknobs, surfaces, toilet handles & seats, etc. and DO NOT SHARE TOWELS UTENSILS OR ANY PERSONAL ITEM.

Stop using common serving bowl ot hot pots. Cook who meticulously washed hands should serve food.

At grocery stores do not bring reusable bags. Wipe cart handles with disinfectant wipe if possible. Wear mask to protect check out person & grocery workers. Keep 2 cart distance from others.

Homemade cloth masks are acceptable if cover nose & mouth well. Launder with soap and bleach, but soap and drying with sunlight or high dryer heat will also disinfect. CAREFUL when take off mask not to touch front if healthy & throw in bucket of bleach or disinfectant water before laundering. SOAP INACTIVATES CORONAVIRUS.

Take walks with social distancing or sit in sunlight. UV B inactivates virus.

Keep immune system healthy with good sleep, sufficient Vitamin D from daily sunlight as it is made in sun exposed skin or supplement if only indoors or in northern climates, & proper amount Vitamin C. 15 minutes strong sunlight on hands & face can produce 25,000 IU vitamin D in skin of a light colored person.

Do not hoard TP & food. Supply chains are working & stress & depriving elderly & disabled of food & hygiene supplies will make pandemic worse. UNITED WE THRIVE-DIVIDED WE FAIL.

Check on elderly disabled & mentally ill & designate a healthy person to shop for them or pick up medicine if no delivery available. Try to use gloves & masks when interacting with elderly & disabled during pandemic. TALK TO THEM FREQUENTLY from 6 feet away or by social media to maintain their mental health.

If suffering from domestic violence ask local authorities where is nearest designated shelter where you can go to isolate AND BE SAFE & GO THERE.



If severely depressed or anxious contact friends family or therapist & talk on social media frequently and do not watch news or public health information more than once per day.

China proved that strict lockdown during epidemic CAN STOP THE SPREAD & produces results in 4 to 8 weeks if strictly enforced, saving millions of lives.

It is likely that drug treatments will be available in 2 to 6 months & a vaccine in 18 to 35 months.

Do not try treatments not prescribed by doctors.

A man died from taking chloroquine phosphate – he found as a treatment for fish tanks. The antimalarial drug chloroquine is dangerous as causes fatal heart arrhythmia if used improperly. 45 countries are participating in WHO Solidarity drug trial of chloroquine & other drugs to see if there is a safe dose that MIGHT help treat COVID19. Nothing proven as helpful yet DESPITE anecdotal claims.

More than 480 people died & 700 injured-many permanently blind, in Iran from methanol poisoning as methanol was sold by a quack as a cure. Alcohol is illegal in Iran so people are ignorant about it.

Until treatment & vaccine available there will be waves of new hot spots springing up all around world requiring strict lockdown for 2-3 months in those regions.

Some regions will experience repeated waves of infections until 80% of the population is immune, depending upon how disciplined the population can be in following hygiene & social distancing during upswing in cases.

WIDESPREAD testing is key to control.

Tragically war zones, crowded 3rd world cities with urban ghettos & high comorbidity rates for TB, measles, diarrheal disease, lung disease due to pollution or high rates smoking will suffer horrific case fatality rates of 5-10%.

We MUST UNITE, FIGHT, FIRE UP all resources, & SHARE resources research & strategies all around world

My references are my experience as an MD PhD medical researcher who worked with deadly viruses (HIV & fulminent hepatitis) and world research literature available on WHO & CDC web sites. Excellent YouTube videos on coronavirus can be found from:


JAMA – editorial staff = Journal of American Medical Association

Dr Campbell – A UK nurse and public health expert

Gov Cuomo – New York

Gov Pritzker – Illinois

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Written by Linda Shelton

March 29, 2020 at 1:57 pm

Family courts practicing medicine without license results in destroying kids & family finances for profit

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by M Gerhardt

One of the biggest injustices in the courtroom is the unauthorized practice of medicine.  What I mean by that is that everyone thinks they are mental health experts, although none went to medical school.  Guardian Ad Litems (who are lawyers by statutes – we’ll get to that in future legislation.) have no problem with diagnosing parents and children, even though the GAL/Lawyer has absolutely no training in mental health, nor are licensed to practice medicine.  Hell, every lawyer in the courtroom has no problem with diagnosing the opposing Party’s clients and the children.  Now I know that many of you think that the judges do the same.  No they don’t.  They weigh the evidence (I know, that is arguable), listen to the experts (okay, maybe not) then makes a legal Finding.  I really wish I could bad-mouth judges here, but I can’t.  Well, maybe I can because for them to get to this point they should follow certain rules and procedures regarding evidence and testimony before making a Finding. Being Family Court, they do not.


Ignoring most of the above, what does this have to do with HB4113?  It’s that the lawyers of the ISBA and the Family Court judges are calling legislators and telling the legislators that Illinois HB4113 is not in the “best interest” of children.  Hmm, we see boatloads of (real) experts (mental health professionals) saying that shared-parenting is in the “best interest” of children, then we have the legal folks who make tons of money creating fights between parents over children by weighing-in on something they have no knowledge of.


Judges and lawyers (ISBA) are not mental health professionals.  Not even close.  “Best interest” is a mental health issue.  So when a judge/ISBA is stating that a certain Bill (HB4113) is not in a child’s best interest, but the parents’ best interest, we should point out that “best interest” is mental health determination, and that neither the judge, lawyers, or ourselves are mental health professionals (unless we are).  And if you are a mental health professional, or have some training (educators?), then say that you have knowledge of the field.


As a side note:  My belief is that judges who advocate in support/oppose legislation are in violation of Separations of Powers under the Constitution.  But we already know that Constitutional Issues are ignored in the Family Courts.  So why would we be surprised that judges would ignore the Constitution outside the Courtroom?  Strangely, I rarely hear of non-Family Law judges weighing-in on legislative matters, much less weighing-in as aggressively as Family Law judges do.


Cook County Judge Jessica O’Brien Indicted

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A politically connected Cook County judge, Jessica O’Brien, was indicted on federal mortgage fraud charges.

Written by Linda Shelton

April 25, 2017 at 10:49 pm

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Judge Raymond Myles murdered

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My great sympathy is expressed in this sad announcement about the murder of Honorable Judge Raymond Myles, age 66, during what is thought to be an attempted robbery, although it has not been ruled out that it could have been connected to a case.

He was known as a talented and fair judge who often pushed defendants to complete their GEDs.

He presided for two decades over many criminal cases including several high profile cases such as the murder in of famous singer Jennifer Hudson’s family member, as well as seven murders at a chicken restaurant.

Other judges and court personnel at the 26th St Criminal courthouse are shocked and grieving. This is a tragic loss for the criminal Justice system. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

Written by Linda Shelton

April 12, 2017 at 3:01 am

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Support activist’s claim IL battery statutes unconstitutional-touching officer not crime

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UPDATE: Next court date July 11, 2019, 10 am RM 506, 2600 S California, Chicago

Shelton will argue motion to reconsider order quashing all her subpoenas & therefore denying her right to defend herself

Motion to Dismiss 4 fraud on Grand Jury denied 1/9/18

Also please come and support Shelton at Daley Center Chicago Rm 2008 Feb 23, 2018 at 9:30-11:00 for hearing on civil rights suit against criminal trial Judge & States Attorney

Shelton in 2017 filed Civil Rights complaint for Declaratory & Injunctive Relief Under Federal Civil Rights Act against Court Clerk, Judges, & States Attorney for illegal acts on this case which make any trial unfair and unconstitutional uncluding:

  1. Unconstitutional No bail order X 1 yr
  2. Unconstitutional excessive $300,000 bail without Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodations or consideration of indigency
  3. Unconstitutional refusal of Clerk to file Habeas Petitions and schedule hearing before chief criminal court judge to strike case & charges
  4. Unconstititional refusal by chief criminal court judge to hear Habeas Petitions that argue no probable cause means case must be dismissed as this violates Constitutional Suspension Clause
  5. False arrest & malicious prosecution without probable cause as officers induced PTSD flashback presumably causing Shelton to sit on floor in fear waving arms against perceived blows as flashback causes Shelton to relive beating by officers & other attacks
  6. As misperceiving events during flashback-unable to form intent to touch an officer so no probable cause
  7. As sheriff staff committing crime of failure to accommodate disability & battery of disabled person by failing to follow doctor’s order & leave Shelton alone until flashback passed/instead loudly and violently grabbing and carrying Shelton exacerbating flashback and causing loss of balance, that reflexively due to spinal cord imjury and neurological disease, caused lack of balance, causes Shelton to reach out & try to grab something/ when officers cause a person to commit a “crime” (touching an officer) the charge is void due to the criminal acts of officer
  8. Unconstitutional refusal to have jury trial for fitness hearing
  9. Unconstitutional excluding Shelton from fitness hearing, from testifying, from calling witness psychiatrist who would have testified Shelton fit for trial, not dangerous to anyone, disabled physically and suffering PTSD, and never suffering psychosis
  10. Illegal for Judge Cannon to declare that Shelton psychotic and unfit without psychiatrist agreement
  11. Illegal remand of Shelton to secure mental health facility in 2013-Elgin Mental Health Center-after fitness hearing devoid of due process and with no evidence Shelton too dangerous to release and send to outpatient clinic (Judge Cannon acted like Soviet fascist sending dissident critic of court to mental health facility unnecessarily to shut her up)
  12. NOTE: Elgin MHC found Shelton fit, but medically neglected by Cook County Jail with blood tests similar to what is found in a “concentration camp survivor”
  13. Unconstititional quashing of Shelton’s subpoenas for court disability coordinator, medical records, and doctors, thereby quashing Shelton’s defense
  14. Unconstitutional refusal to hear motions in a timely fashion including Motions to Dismiss, reduce bail, demand due process and reconsider orders quashing subpoenas, for substitution of public defender for misconduct, for fraud on grand jury by States Attorney Alvarez for failing to tell them about disabilities and Sheriff staffs’ crime of failing to accommodate them after being informed by court disability co-ordinator, as well as of battery of disabled Shelton by Sheriff staff
  15. Illegal failure of judges to follow IL Supreme Court rules in wording of interlocutory order denying Motion to declare part of battery statute unconstitutional, thus impeding illegally timely appeal
  16. Bizarre behaviors of Judge Cannon both before and after her cancer treatment causing her to act both biased and suggest she may be suffering from dementia or chemo brain as she has episodes of not remembering what was said or declaring something was ruled on when it wasn’t with States Attorney and Public Defender failing to report this to Judicial Inquiry Board for investigation and possible removal as a judge
  17. Bizarre attacks by Judge Cannon against Shelton’s disability co-ordinator interfering with Shelton’s due process and
  18. Speedy trial violations

On 12/9/16 an active running escapee bumped into Shelton in Hall, causing aggravation of chronic pain & musclespasms + PTSD flashbacks as officers dashing around induced flashback since she felt they would again falsely arrest her for battery for bumping an officer with walker when chasing officer brushed against coat hanging from walker. Asst States Attorney and judge now threatening contempt charge for disability assistant who informed Judge Cannon that Shelton traumatized & hearing needed continuence as well as threatening contempt against Shelton for writing memorandum of fact explaining what happened, providing education about PTSD, and explaining how she developed PTSD.

Judge has refusd to allow Shelton to finish argument on her motion to strike case for States Attorney’s fraud on grand jury and refused to sign order correcting judge’s error on previous order denying motion to declare part of battery statute unconstitutional so that Shelton can appeal this order. Thus judge denying due process in impeding appeal and motion hearing.

UPDATE: Stand up for civil rights Come to next court date 03/23/18 at 10 am rm 506. 2600 S California, Chicago, for argument that indictment should be stricken for fraud upon the grand jury by the State’s Attorney in failing to present fact that alleged act of “touching an officer’s ear” was induced/triggered by the Sheriff Courtroom Deputies violating ADA accommodations for disabled Shelton in that they pushed her, causing her to lose balance, and triggered a PTSD flashback, causing her to cower and waive her hands around her head believing she was being attacked.

Update 12/9/16: UPDATE – On 12/9/16 Judge Cannon granted Motion to rewrite the order denying Motion to Declare Battery statute unconstitutional so that Shelton can immediately appeal it; however, when a crazy detainee bolted and ran into Shelton trying to escape on 12/9/16 Shelton was slightly injured and hearing rescheduled for 1/20/17 when order will be written and Shelton will finish her argument that charges are void due to prosecutor’s fraud upon the grand jury.
Update 7/13/16: she denied motion to declare battery statute unconstitutional – next motion claims charge void as fraud on grand jury & ADA violated when officers used disability to trigger harmless “criminal act” of touching officer’s ear charged as felony battery with up to 14 yr sentence

On July 13, 2016 Judge Diane Cannon will announce her written opinion concerning Dr. Shelton’s motion to declare the Illinois battery and aggravated battery statutes unconstitutional concerning de minimus, minor, or no harm with alleged crime of touching or raking contact with a person or officer. Help fight injustice in Illinois by coming to court at 10 am 7/13/16 room 506 at 2600 S. California Ave (no cell phones or electronic devices allowed in courthouse).

Shelton’s argument is that charging a disabled tremulous, spastic person with felony battery for touching an officer due to their spasticity or due to an officer purposely inducing a PTSD flashback where a person unintentionally touches an officer without harming them is abusive and unconstitutional.

It is particularly abusive and unconstitutional as it violates the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in that in this case against Shelton the Court Disability Coordinator, Melissa Pacelli, had been given written documentation by a psychiatrist and other physicians that Shelton suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic-stress disorder) due to having been previously beaten by Sheriff and Chicago police officers and during flashbacks triggered by specific actions of officers as a result of the PTSD she “misperceives ongoing events” (becomes confused believing she is being attacked by officers) and that male officers should not yell at her and grab her, but should “back-off” if a flashback occurs as Shelton is “inherently non-violent”, as well as because she cowers, is fearful, and crys, as well as may defensively waive her arms around her head thinking she is defending herself or may reach out suddenly to prevent herself from mis-perceived falling during flashbacks if pushed as she suffers from congenital and acquired severe balance problems requiring the use of a walker and if pushed she grabs out involuntarily to keep from falling. Thus, they should wait until the flashback is over and she understands what is going on when one occurs, rather than rush her, grab her, and push her. Such actions by officers will cause Shelton to unintentionally touch officers and this fact is sufficient to be an outrageous reason to charge Shelton with felony battery that has as a sentence a possibility of as much as 14 years in prison.
As intent is a required element of the crime of battery, during flashbacks, Shelton is unable to form intent to harm an officer due to the PTSD and balance issues if she is pushed, particularly by loud and aggressive male officers, and the criteria for felony battery is unconstitutional according to Shelton due to the fact that a disabled person without intent can be charged with felony battery merely for touching an officer under such a circumstance.

For more information about the aggravated battery case against Shelton for “touching an officer’s ear” see this post.

Recently a grandmother, Ms. Tina Hunt plead guilty of aggravated battery for kicking an officer in a courtroom when she got mad and received a one year sentence – she could have received a mandatory six year sentence if she went on trial before a jury. This would have been a harsher sentence than a sentence for sticking a knife into an officer or throwing acid in a person’s face. This is outrageous abuse of criminal law. That is why Shelton has argued that the statute is unconstitutional.

Written Motion to Declare Battery Statute Unconstitutional

States Written Response to Shelton’s Motion to Declare Battery Statute Unconstitutional

Shelton’s Written Reply to States Written Response to Shelton’s Motion to Declare Battery Statute Unconstitutional

Oral argument by Shelton

After Shelton’s oral argument in May 2016, Judge Cannon gave the State another two weeks to prepare their oral argument. The State’s response was as follows:

State’s Argument essentially was “we stand on our written pleading” – [apparently they had no rational argument to counter Shelton’s pleadings and statements.]

The judge then gave herself six weeks to consider the arguments and come up with a written decision. Judge Cannon’s written decision will be announced on July 13, 2016.

UPDATE: Her decision was a two sentence statement without ANY explanation: “The defendant’s motion to declare the Aggravated Battery Statute unconstitutional is respectfully denied. This is a final order. Dated July 13, 2016 by Judge Diane Cannon.

Appeal will be filed, but in Illinois it likely won’t be filed until the end of the case because the higher courts have no jurisdiction on pretrial motions [known as interlocutory motions] until ALL issues in the case are final or until IL Supreme Court Rule 304(a) is followed. Shelton is filing a motion to rewrite the order properly, but it probably will be denied on 12/9/16. UPDATE – On 12/9/16 Judge Cannon granted Motion to rewrite the order, however, when a crazy detainee bolted and ran into Shelton trying to escape on 12/9/16 Shelton was slightly injured and hearing rescheduled for 1/20/17 when order will be written. This rule states as follows:

Supreme Court Rule 304(a) provides as follows:

ll Parties or Claims — Necessity for Special Finding. If multiple parties or multiple claims for relief are involved in an action, an appeal may be taken from a final judgment as to one or more but fewer than all of the parties or claims only if the trial court has made an express written finding that there is no just reason for delaying enforcement or appeal. Such a finding may be made at the time of the entry of the judgment or thereafter on the court’s own motion or on motion of any party. The time for filing the notice of appeal shall run from the entry of the required finding. In the absence of such a finding, any judgment that adjudicates fewer than all the claims or the rights and liabilities of fewer than all the parties is not enforceable or appealable and is subject to revision at any time before the entry of a judgment adjudicating all the claims, rights, and liabilities of all the parties.” (87 Ill.2d R. 304(a).)


It is without common sense, but the Illinois Appellate Court said that using the word “final” does not comply with Illinois Supreme Court rule 304(a).

According to the Illinois Appellate Court 1st District an interlocutory order that states that a pretrial order is “final and appealable” is insufficient to confer jurisdiction on the appellate court. Until the final disposition of all issues in the case the statutory terms “there is no just reason for delaying enforcement or appeal” are required to confer jurisdiction of the Appellate Court from a pretrial order of the local Circuit Court. Greer v. Yellow Cab Co., 582 N.E.2d 1292, 221 Ill. App.3d 908, 164 Ill.Dec. 348, (1991) IL App (1) 1-89-1548

Who will help disabled and elderly whose estates are stolen by forgery & fraud?

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Who is willing to publicize this? All the evidence will be provided to anyone who requests it – it is voluminous so there will be numerous emails.

Which lawyers are willing to take this case and do class actions about this?

What government agencies will walk the walk on this issue and not just talk the talk?  So much is said that help is available, but in reality it is not!!

If anyone wants to help, then I will meet with them and give you all the evidence on a silver platter!

Also sent to the FBI tip line as follows:

I sent this to

I sent the following Email to Fannie Mae about  a disabled  person who inherited a lot of money and a home that should have gone into a special needs trust and a land trust with a life-time interest in it. However corrupt lawyers in league with corrupt officials including several local police conspired to steal the estate by forging a deathbed trust by manipulating a mentally ill sister of the disabled person – then bribing a judge to ignore the proof of forgery and fraud, as well as proof of the intention of the deceased (transcripts from court in another case explain decedent’s concerns & prove sister mentally ill and unable to manage his affairs) and the testimony in court of the mentally ill sister that she was unable to handle the affairs of the deceased.  No trial or due process evidentiary hearing ever was allowed.

Then these corrupt attorneys stole the estate of the deceased by charging exorbitant attorney fees ($1 million dollars). This is a scheme they are using throughout the Cook Co IL area to steal estates from elderly and disabled persons. Can you help me find an attorney to help and get the FBI and US Attorney to investigate? 

I already sent the evidence and info to the U.S. DOJ Disability section and have not even received any acknowledgement that they received it.  I am scared that the disabled person will be evicted and homeless and the criminals will get away with their crimes.


I am a disabled beneficiary of a trust. A bunch of corrupt attorneys influenced a mentally ill family member to forge a deathbed trust for my father and bribed a judge to ignore transcripts of what my father said and the family member testifying they are too mentally ill to manage anything and ignore proof of the  forgery.

Then they made false domestic violence complaint later dropped to jail me so they could have court proceedings without me and steal my inheritance and home as well as evict me.

Even the forged trust said the first thing they must pay off was a mortgage on a condo they put me in after they evicted me from the home I should have inherited and stole my property.

Now I find out you have started foreclosure proceedings on the condo where I don’t want to live because these criminal did not pay the mortgage so I will be homeless.

I would like to join forces with you to get criminal charges against these  criminals and sue the law firms to get damages and my $500,000 inheritance  which was supposed to go into a special needs trust and the and cost of the home they sold that I should have inherited which was supposed to go into a land trust where I have a life-time interest in living in it.

The law firms took advantage of my mentally ill sister and essentially stole a $1.5 million estate with excessive and unnecessary fees. I need help from a big time law firm as these are top attorneys with political connections to corrupt officials in Illinois including the attorney general.

The local police were influenced to refuse to take criminal complaints from me. 

I reported this to the FBI but they have not contacted me as to whether they even received my complaints. It took me several years to gather the evidence to prove all the above.

Would you be willing to join with me as co-Plaintiff to recover the damages? I really need assistance as I have been reduced to poverty while disabled. I will give you all the evidence you need if you can help find a law firm to take this case.

These corrupt lawyers are doing this with a lot of elderly or disabled people in order to steal estates.

Judge Loza destroys black fathers

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Here is another example of judicial misconduct and denial of due process in family courts in Cook County that destroy children’s relationship with their parents.

Illinois please stop treating marijuana possession as a felony

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In Illinois possession of 4 ounces of marijuana is a felony. It is that felony that allowed them to charge my husband a specific way and give him 20 years for 4 ounces and possession of a gun. The gun was not used or even touched..just in arms reach… he was charged as if he committed a violent crime when he did not.

We are not asking for his release just that he be charged with what he actually did.

Would u please consider reading and signing my petition. I’d love for u to share it too if possible. If not it’s all good. Thank you in advance ♡♡♡

Written by Linda Shelton

April 20, 2015 at 11:59 pm

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Stand-up and show support for Dr. Linda Shelton against wrongful arrest

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Shelton needs grass roots public support and lots of people in the courtroom to fight attacks against her by the injustice system.  If you want to keep reading her blog posts, come and support her: read this post.

Written by Linda Shelton

March 15, 2015 at 3:11 pm

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Hitler – Chief Judge Timothy Evans now has completely taken away our rights

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If corruption in family courts described in this blog is not enough including diverting funds from VAWA and Social Security Title IV-D to enrich judges, court-appointed attorneys, and court-appointed evaluators, now ADA accommodations are also at risk in the courts, pro se litigants are being deprived of equal protection in the courts, and we are being thrown back into the stone age in Cook County by new rules from Chief Judge Evans.  Please remember to demand fix to VAMA funding being diverted for corrupt purposes before passage. Many of our legislators are totally ignorant of what is actually happening with VAWA funds.

Chief Judge Evans enters order which prohibits cell phones in courthouses where criminal matters are heard is acting like Hitler.

Now defendants cannot contact their attorneys when their attorneys are late, cannot contact their families, cannot have their electronic calendars with them when they are representing themselves. The latest Illinois Supreme Court ruling requiring Court Clerks to allow the use of rolling scanning devices to allow persons to avoid huge page copy charges in the Clerk’s offices and in Court libraries are at risk with the bar on bringing in electronic devices.  The disabled who need assistance of electronic devices will have to ask for special permission to bring them into court buildings including palm pilots and cell phones. Many disabled persons take public transportation and need to have cell phones with them at all times to contact their doctors or others for assistance.  Now they will have to pay $3.00 to put them in tiny lockers at courthouses, but the courthouses don’t have enough little pay lockers to hold all the phones that people will have to lock up, that will no longer be allowed in courthouses.

In domestic and civil matters pro se litigants and their witnesses will be at a disadvantage.  This applies in courthouses where there are eviction cases, divorce cases and every other kind of civil case.

If they ban pro se litigants from having these devices, then they should ban the attorneys and judges from having them too so pro se litigants are not at a disadvantage.  If judges wants to go back to the stone age, then let everyone do this.  Their computer system is already in the stone age so that it is impossible to query so that the courts can cover up their corruption!

Help make a massive protest about this!! Hitler reigns in Cook County.  First the right to petition for habeas corpus has been denied, perjury by sheriff deputies is rampant, and my right to notice for a criminal trial, right to have dismissed legally insufficient complaints, right to speedy trial, right to compulsory process, and right to have access to my court file and pen and paper during trial has been eliminated – now this!!  See my new post coming soon about my recent misdemeanor conviction where all these rights were denied!

Help spread the word!

Released On 12/12/2012

Chief Judge Evans December 17, 2012, interview with CBS 2 Chicago on cell phone ban.
Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans today announced beginning January 14, 2013, the public will not be permitted to bring cell phones and other electronic devices into any Circuit Court of Cook County courthouse facility except for the Richard J. Daley Center Courthouse.  The ban will affect only those courthouse facilities in which criminal matters are heard.*

Included in the ban are all electronic devices capable of connecting to the Internet or making audio or video recordings, including laptops and tablet computers. Chief Judge Evans said, “Judges brought their concerns to me that people attending court proceedings were using their cell phones to photograph witnesses, judges, jurors, and prospective jurors.  They also said persons appeared to be texting testimony to witnesses waiting their turn to testify outside the courtroom, while others were attempting to stream live to media comments by judges from the bench.” “The court is sending a strong message to gang members and others that any attempts to intimidate witnesses, jurors, and judges in court will not be permitted,” said Chief Judge Evans.  “The ban will help to make sure that justice is properly done by preserving the integrity of testimony and maintaining court decorum.” Anyone violating the ban could face prosecution for contempt of court. The new ban on cell phones and electronic devices in all courthouse facilities in which criminal matters are heard is taking place pursuant to General Administrative Order 2012-8 entered by Chief Judge Evans today, December 11, 2012. Cell phones and electronic devices will continue to be allowed into the Daley Center but the order restricts use of all such devices to public areas, away from courtrooms.  Primarily civil matters are heard in the Daley Center, along with some quasi-criminal, misdemeanor, and traffic offenses. In addition, the order exempts persons on official business with proper identification who will be allowed to bring such devices into courthouse facilities in which criminal matters are heard.  The use of all such devices by these persons will be restricted to public areas, away from courtrooms.  The following persons are exempted from the ban: current or former judges; licensed attorneys; all law enforcement officers; all government employees; persons reporting for jury service; jurors (subject to the authority of the trial judges); building and maintenance workers, equipment repair persons and vendors; and anyone authorized by order of court. Members of the news media are also exempted from the ban.  Following the anticipated approval of the circuit court’s application for extended media coverage by the Illinois Supreme Court, the media will also be allowed to use their electronic devices in the courtroom. The new policy also provides for judges to be able to enter orders permitting the use of electronic devices in any courtroom in any court facility as they deem appropriate.

*There are 13 courthouse facilities into which the public is prohibited from bringing cell phones and electronic devices as follows:
  • The George N. Leighton Criminal Court Building at 2600 S. California Ave., Chicago
  • The Cook County Juvenile Center, 1100 West Hamilton Ave., Chicago
  • The Domestic Violence Courthouse, 555 West Harrison St., Chicago
  • The Second Municipal District Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road
  • The Third Municipal District Rolling Meadows Courthouse, 2121 Euclid Road
  • The Fourth Municipal District Maywood Courthouse, 1500 Maybrook Drive
  • The Fifth Municipal District Bridgeview Courthouse, 10220 S. 76th Ave.
  • The Sixth Municipal District Markham Courthouse, 16501 S. Kedzie Parkway
  • 5555 W. Grand Ave., Chicago (First Municipal District criminal branches 23 and 50)
  • 2452 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago (First Municipal District criminal branches 29 and 42)
  • 155 W. 51st St., Chicago (First Municipal District criminal branches 34 and 48)
  • 727 E. 111th St., Chicago (First Municipal District criminal branches 35 and 38)
  • 3150 W. Flournoy St., Chicago (First Municipal District criminal branches 43 and 44)
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