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Obituary Tom Ball

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Wiki deleted his entry and it has been dug up from Google’s cache.
I present it here in it’s entirety.

It must be preserved always.

Tom Ball from his Facebook Page:

”’Thomas Ball”’ (”’Thomas James Ball”’; February 21, 1953 to June 15, 2011) was a soldier, a father, and a men’s rights activist. He came into the national spotlight through his [[self-immolation]], an act of protest against [[feminism]], [[family courts]], and [[misandry]].

== Biography ==

Thomas James Ball was born on February 21, 1953. He grew up in Holden, NH and graduated from Wachusett Regional High School and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Ball was a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. After 21 years of service in the armed forces, Ball worked in the private sector as a service advisor for New England car dealerships. He eventually moved to Winchendon, Mass, with wife (at the time) Karen Ball and their three children (Sara J. Ball, Melissa A. Ball and Kevin T. Ball). Thomas and Karen Ball were married from 1990 to 2002. Karen Ball filed for divorce in April 2001. Ball was having difficulty finding work to pay his court mandated child support payments, and at the time of his death he was facing jail for owing about $3000 [ American Father Self-Immolates to Protest Against Family Courts]. The finding of contempt filed on June 6 2011 in Cheshire Country Superior Court ordered Mr. Ball to jail:

””B. Order Respondent to be confined in the Cheshire Country House of Corrections until such time as he has paid Ms. Ball the full amount of the 50% of medical expenses due for the period May 9, 2006 through APril 6, 2011, in the amount of 2,062.19.””[ Thomas James Ball Self-Immolated in Protest of the â��Justiceâ�� System]

Thomas Ball’s last residence was in Holden, Mass.[ Police: Man Found On Fire Near Courthouse Dies]

== Political Suicide ==

Thomas James Ball’s self-immolation took place near the main rear entrance of the Cheshire County Superior Court House, sandwiched between the Ashuelot River and Robin Hood Park. Just before 5:30 on the evening of June 15, 2011, he doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze, in a calm and confident manner. Witness Sean Desio described Ball’s demeanour as “like he was just chilling there, doing yoga or something.” [ Things I Donâ��t Believe, Part V] After the fire was burning, Ball refused help from several nearby men. [ Keene suicide saw jail in his future]

Ball made no sound while he was burning. Witness Dan Koski describes “I saw a man standing on fire. He walked around a little bit, walked on to the grass, collapsed on all fours and literally sat there and burned.” After Ball collapsed, witness Jerry Goodrich describes the intense flames as being “over his head, and when he was on the ground, they were probably a good foot over his body.” [ Keene suicide saw jail in his future] Thomas James Ball expired a few minutes after setting himself ablaze.

== Reaction to Suicide ==

At first, coverage of Thomas James Ball’s suicide was limited to local news organizations such as Free Keene. Various men’s rights groups discussed Ball’s actions, his motivations, and his mistreatment by family courts. [ Keene suicide saw jail in his future] [â��justiceâ��-system NH: Thomas James Ball Self-Immolated in Protest of the â��Justiceâ�� System] [ A Father Burns Himself to Death] [ Distraught Father Barred from Seeing Kids Self-Immolates]
[ The Indifference to Male Pain]
The event was first carried by the national media when the International Business Times ran a story on June 17. Coverage expanded after that, including mention on presidential candidate Ron Paul’s web site. [ Tom Ball Kills Himself in Front of NH Courthouse]

== Mission Statement ==

Ball sent a “last will and testament” to a local news organization, the “Union Leader”, explaining the motivations for his self immolation. [ Thomas James Ball’s mission statement] Ball concluded his letter with parting words for his children:

””I have three things to say to my children. First, Daddy loves you. Second, you are my three most favorite people in the world. And last, that you are to stick together no matter how old you get or how far apart you live. Because it is like Grandma always said. The only thing you really have in this world is your family.””

== See also ==
[[Men’s rights]]
[[Child custody]]

== References ==


Written by Linda Shelton

July 20, 2011 at 3:07 pm

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