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Illinois Appellate Court Snubs Nose at U.S. Supreme Court and State Law

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I have filed a criminal appeal on a case where I as a disabled person in a wheelchair was attacked by Cook County Sheriff Sgt. Anthony Salemi, he falsified his records, accused me of attacking him, committed perjury and I was wrongfully convicted:

The trial court declared me indigent and ordered the court reporter to file a free copy of the transcripts with the court for an appeal. The court reporter has refused to follow the court order. The trial judge refuses to enforce the order because he said he lost jurisdiction to the IL Appellate Court.

The IL Appellate court has six time refused to enforce the court order and compel the court reporter to file the transcripts or hold her in contempt. My appeal is therefore delayed due to the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Illinois Appellate Court First District.

The Illinois Supreme Court also has denied a motion for supervisory order to compel the court reporter to file the transcripts and compel the IL Appellate Court to enforce the order.

 The IL Appellate Court granted the Cook County States Attorney’s motion to compel me to pay for the transcripts and file them, instead of the court reporter. This is fraud upon the court as it violates a previous court order and is contempt as it also violates the United States Supreme Court holding (precedent) in a case where they ruled that indigent defendants are entitled under the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution to a free transcript for appeal. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 607 also mandates that indigent defendants are entitled to free transcripts filed with the court clerk by the court reporter.

Therefore both the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Court are committing illegal acts.

The Illinois Appellate Court has now vacated their order to compel me to file the transcripts as I moved for them to vacate order as they illegally granted the motion from the State two days too early according to IL Supreme Court rules. They also allowed me to file immediately (instanter) my response to the States Attorney’s motion to compel me to file the transcripts. This response clearly spells out the illegal acts of the IL Appellate and IL Supreme Courts in refusing to uphold previous court orders, and statutory and constitutional rights as previously decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. These are impeachable intentional acts by these corrupt and dishonorable judges. I hope the IL Appellate Court recognizes its mistakes and doesn’t just vacate the order to re-instate it several days later when the law allows them to make a decision.

It is incumbent upon the IL Appellate Court to compel the court reporter to file the transcripts and hold her in contempt if she fails to do so.

Illinois Supreme Court Violates Statutes and Their Oaths of Office – Corruption at Its Best!

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Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Judge Maddux’s Blatant Violation of Law


On November 26, 2008 the Illinois Supreme Court in a Motion for Leave to File Complaint for Mandamus with attached Complaint for Mandamus denied Leave to file without explanation.

This means that the Illinois Supreme Court has publicly condoned Judge Maddux’s violation of statutes that require a judge to grant a Petition for indigent status and waive filing fees for a tort (lawsuit) when a Plaintiff is indigent, as well as state specifically the reason that a petition for indigent status is denied.

See details of the illegal conduct and ruling by Judge Maddux in denying a Petition for Indigent Status.

In a similar case of a transgender person Ms. Daunn Turner in early 2008 the Illinois Supreme Court granted a complaint for mandamus when Will  County Circuit Court Judge Stephen White denied Ms. Turner’s Petition for Indigent Status solely because he stated that he will not allow the State to pay for her name change due to her sexual status. Ms. Turner was an accomplished individual who had become severely disabled and according to law therefore qualified for indigent status.
This upholding of blatant violation of statutes by J. Maddux is a disgrace upon the Illinois Supreme Court and reveals that corruption permiates the highest levels of the Courts in Illinois. These two issues were identical – failure of the judge and clerk to follow the law regarding indigent petitions. Yet the Court intervened on the Turner case and denied leave to file on the Shelton case. This is clear bias and failure to uphold the law. Clearly there is no justice and American Justice is a Myth when the Supreme Court of a State can blatantly violate clear cut statutes.

I will now take this to the U.S. Supreme Court for a supervisory order. They will probably deny review, thus condoning violation of statute and due process rights as well as violation of the First Amendment right to redress of grievances and access to the courts, as well as Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process.

Thus another example of [in]justice and the Myth of American Justice!

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