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Self-Immolation – Corrupt family court in every State just like in Cook County

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Two days ago Tom Ball self-immolated himself in front of a courthouse in New Hampshire, forever enshrining the motto of the State, Live Free or Die, because of a corrupt family law system which deprived him of interaction with his children and caused parental alienation and a divorce.  Our government should be seen as they are – family destroyers for profit. I am sure his children are very much worse off and suffering tremendously. If I had the money, I would set up a trust fund for them.  I hope someone will!

Follow the money and you will see how our court systems destroy our families instead of looking after the best interest of the children.  Title IV money of around $4000 plus monthly payments is given to agencies/government/court whenever a family is “supervised”. Therefore, the interests of the courts, counselors, child reps, supervisors of family visitation, etc is to make money by prolonging divorce proceedings, encouraging conflicts between parents, declaring that a parent is unfit or dangerous (even if they are not) and this also allows them to charge the parents for all these services. This along with attorneys’ fees essentially cause the family’s money to be transferred to courts, attorneys, counselors, and social service agencies. How does impoverishing the family and limiting visits to parents serve the “best interest of the children”. The incentives make sure the best interest are subservient to profit. We are wasting huge amounts of taxpayers’  dollars in the U.S. DESTROYING families, not helping children! Write your legislators – this must stop!

The New Hampshire on line newspaper published the story and the man’s incredibly well-written suicide letter here.

The “interest of the children” clearly are ignored.  Pray for our children in Illinois who suffer the same brainwashing about a parent, suffer family financial destruction, and suffer from stress of being taken from a parent – all for profit of the court system, the mental health counselors, and the attorneys – many of whom profit from improperly used government grants.

I and others are trying to organize to change the laws and court system in Illinois because it is the same as this man describes in New Hampshire, if not worse. Please send me an e-mail at if you want to help organize.

Never Forget TOM BALL!     Pray for his children and ex-wife.

Remember this poem written by a commentator on the newspaper’s web site:

TOM BALL – FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY (Title by Linda Shelton)

Let us never forget the 16 of June
When a man burned to death on the lawn around Noon
His tears boiling for his children three
His search for justice so that they would be free
The elite, these cowards, forced his hand to the flame
Their callous depravity never causing them shame
For they padded their wallets and their consciences wained
And their rulings by decree only increased the pain
A family of soldiers who bravely fought wars
Their honor questioned by Judges and whores
Not by me, for I know the pain of Tom Ball
Of shouting, of crying, no one hearing my call
Let us never forget the 16 of June
When a man burned to death on the lawn around Noon

By “Voice off Bobgt”

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