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How DCFS workers or child representatives in family courts lie and legally kidnap your children

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DCFS in Illinois = Child Protective Services (CPS)
Child representatives from family courts (divorce courts) often act like social workers depicted in this video.
It is a sad fact that CPS workers, child representatives and court appointed guardians of elderly person act in the manner depicted in this video.
Protect yourself and learn from this video.
Stand tall and fight back – see and other posts on this web site about family courts and elder guardians.

What are the motives, incentives and financial reasons why the family and probate courts are corrupt and use Title IV Social Security money to enrich court appointed lawyers, guardians, child representatives, counselors, and child protection and adoption agencies to destroy families, cause parental alientation, legally kidnap and adopt out children from loving parents, and kidnap the elderly, falsely label them mentally incompetent, appoint a guardian and ban their families from visiting them when illegally detained in a nursing home why they rape the elderly person’s estate – see this video:

No Justice – No Peace – We will prevail – Corruption in Family Courts & Probate Courts

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You go in trusting that this [the divorce and custody court process] is part of it – – that this is honest stuff going on.

You think this is  honest because you know no different. How would you even know to Question what they are doing (the lawyers, judges, and custody evaluators [child repressentatives and guardians] ) if you have never been a victim of it. ” Mother of 4, child taken at age 3 – scarred for life.

The judicial kidnapping of your own children under the color of law is like a repeated relentless rape

a part of you – being ripped from you and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

Sandra Padrone, judicially gagged mother of 4 children who have been kidnapped for 1 1/2 years – separated from the mother, under false pretenses.

Part 2 of video from protest in Chicago on August 12, 2011 as similar protests occurred around the country.  This is first in what will be a continuing exposure of corruption in the courts.  See press releases here and here.

Why are we protesting? Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD tries to explain how billions in Social Security funds are used to destroy families instead of preserve them, against the best interest of the children in order to enrich child representatives, court appointed lawyers, and guardians who may receive as much as $300 to $1200 per hour. This is a national disaster in terms of waste of taxpayer funds, which are used to make people rich, while destroying families, impoverishing families, thus increasing the welfare roles and decreasing income taxes as parents end up losing jobs as their families are destroyed.

Part 1 of video – two children who are friends of other children who have been judicially kidnapped and given to an abusing parent after the other parent reported the abuse.

Part 3 of video – August 12, 2011 protest outside of Chicago Daley Center where Cook County First Municipal District family court cases such as divorce are held. Protesting violation of laws and  rules by judges and court appointed lawyers, resulting in demonizing of one parent, barring parent from seeing their children, allowing other parent to legally kidnap the child, preventing falsely accused parent from presenting evidence and witnesses at trial, and essentially legally kidnapping the children, harming them by breaking delicate parental-child bonds, and then extorting money from the parents to enrich court appointed lawyers who drag out the proceedings in order to enrich themselves.

Signs say:

“Family Court = Family Destruction”

“Crook County Courts Alienate Families”

Divorce, suicide, crisis with veterans

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I love my country, but my country doesn’t love me

Purple Heart Final Beat

More veterans die by suicide than by war.

18 veterans kill themselves EACH DAY.

Which of these judges have contributed to this tragedy by rulings unethically based on hearsay ?? There is an appearance that a Cook County Judge is trying to encourage this outcome when in a case with an ex-Marine he illegally struck his response to a petition for an order of protection based on false allegations from his ex-wife a manipulative drug-addiction counselor and is maintaining a requirement for supervised visits when the veteran was investigated and DCFS found all the allegations unfounded, while his ex – wife is a known drug-addict and drug-addiction counselor who endangers her children when she drives high and endangers the public by stealing drugs from her patients ?? Why has Haracz given the children to the drug-addict and not the veteran while he is impoverishing the veteran ??


Arce, Edward A. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Markham   Rm. 102   (708) 232-4225

Bellows, Carole Kamin Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1602   (312) 603-4823

Bender, Michael Ian Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. CL24   (312) 603-1260

Berger, Helaine Leslie Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1901   (312) 603-6556

Bernstein, Jeanne Cleveland Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3002   (312) 603-6667

Boyd, William Stewart Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1605   (312) 603-4836

Carr, John Thomas Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1603A   (312) 603-4841

Coleman-John, Bonita Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Markham   Rm. 202   (708) 232-4306

Dickler, Grace G. Circuit Judge Presiding   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1905   (312) 603-6556

Fernandez, Fe Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3008   (312) 603-7503

Gamrath, Celia G. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 403   (312) 603-7400

Goldfarb, Renee G. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 2805   (312) 603-3897

Haracz, David E. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3004   (312) 603-4605

Hardy-Campbell, La Quietta J. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3006   (312) 603-6417

Johnson, Sharon O. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. CL24   (312) 603-1260

Katz, Nancy J. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1902   (312) 603-5921

Kelley, Thomas J. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 407   (312) 603-7414

Kennedy, Kathleen G. Circuit Judge   Chancery   Daley Center   Rm. 2502   (312) 603-6008

Levinson, Alfred L. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Rolling Meadows   Rm. 108   (847) 818-2286

Logue, Patricia Marian Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1506   (312) 603-5545

Lopez, Mark Joseph Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3005   (312) 603-4726

Lowrance, Michele Francene Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 2002   (312) 603-5913

Loza, Pamela E. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 2108   (312) 603-6024

Mathein, Veronica B. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3009   (312) 603-4279

Meyer, Barbara M Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3003   (312) 603-5278

Mills, Martha A. Circuit Judge Supervising   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. CL12   (312) 603-1260

Miranda, Daniel R. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Maywood   Rm. 201   (708) 865-4812

Murphy, Patrick T. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Bridgeview   Rm. 106A   (708) 974-6838

Murphy, Timothy P. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 401   (312) 603-2098

Nega, Marya Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1603   (312) 603-4839

Reynolds, Jeanne Marie Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Skokie   Rm. 203   (847) 470-7420

Riebman, Hyman I. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Rolling Meadows   Rm. 105   (847) 818-2286

Rivera, Elizabeth Loredo Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1908   (312) 603-5938

Ross, Dominique C. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1601A   (312) 603-4844

Ruble Murphy, Lisa Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 2807   (312) 603-3898

Santiago, Leida J. Gonzalez Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1608   (312) 603-4832

Scannicchio, Regina A. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1901   (312) 603-6556

Schleifer, Andrea M. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 1601-A   (312) 603-4844

Schuster, Naomi H. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3007   (312) 603-5018

Trew, Mary S. Associate Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. CL09   (312) 603-1260

Vega, Raul Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 3001   (312) 603-7957

Walker, Debra B. Circuit Judge   Domestic Relations   Daley Center   Rm. 2103A   (312) 603-5900

Which child representatives have maliciously, negligently. unethically, and grossly failed to investigate this situation and notify the judges ??

(now a judge) Regina Scannichhio ?

David Wessel ?

Nationwide protest August 12, 2011 – STOP court abuse of elderly, children, disabled

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Join People United to Stop Court Abuse of Children, Disabled, and Elderly August 12, 2011

For Immediate Release

Contact:          Gwendolyn Chubb 773-377-5468, Linda Shelton –, or David Bambic –

People United In Protest Across the USA to Stop

Judicial Abuse of American Families

Chicago – United Standing Up for Justice to Stop Judicial Abuse is what dozens of Illinois families will gather for this week across this nation and right in front of the Circuit Court of Cook County Family Division. Thousands of children, disabled and elderly Americans have been removed from their  loved ones without factual evidence by the courts. Protective parents and children who seek the assistance of the courts when a loved one is being abused become the victims of a billion dollar corruption ring that exists today in the court systems and is protected by those who are to serve and protect the community.

For more information see next five blog posts on this web site.
Billions of dollars are used from the Title IV D program to literally destroy families.

Wonda Guider, a mother who filed for an Order of Protection to keep her six year old daughter safe from abuse stated, “I went to the courts to help protect my child. A Guardian Ad Litem was placed by Judge Panter and the unimaginable happened, my daughter was ripped from our home. The courts GAVE HER TO THE ABUSER. I fight for Justice today and protest against the GAL’s Office for all the harm they have done to my child and we stand for all children across this nation being victimized by the court system.”

Gwendolyn Chubb, a mother who has not seen her children for over 3 years because of a FRAUDULENT ORDER signed by Judge Edward Arce who later recused himself for having prior contact with her ex-husband’s boss Commissioner Roberto Maldonado stated, “I protest today because of the excruciating and agonizing pain I must live with each day I am without my children. My children were ripped from me without cause or reason…I stand today in prayer for my children and pray that this never happens to anyone anywhere ever again.”

Many of the cases of abuse have gone to the FBI and the Department of Justice without results. Many advocates for these families believe that the very courts that were established to interpret the constitution and assure the rule of law are allowed to run the courts like a cartel that abuse the system that we the American people pay for through our tax revenue.

Dave Bambic, a father whose children have been removed from him withyout cause as te DCFS allegations of neglect or abuse were declared UNFOUNDED  said, “Judge Haracz and Child Rep David Wessel conspire to alienate me from being the primary caregiver of my children. They have told me that I will be made an example of in Judge Haracz’ court room. I stand for Justice today because MXXXXX and HXXXXX love their father and I pray for all children who suffer like my girls in this nation because of corruption.”

Sandra  Padron during a divorce when her son complained of being beaten in the stomach by the father until he was sick and as a pediatrician she found suggestive signs of child abuse on her baby, had her children removed from her and placed with the abuser when  she called DCFS and asked for an investigation because the investigation, which was incomplete, was declared unfounded. She has been denied unsupervised  visits for more than one hour per week with her children because the judge said this was a sign of mental illness. Sandra says, her toddler is reported to be running around the house crying “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” Regina Scannicchio, the court appointed child representative has made no effort to thorougly investigate this case or bring these facts to the attention of the judge. She refuses even to look at the diary pages from the older children documenting the abuse.

Child Representatives & Guardian Ad Litems are court appointed and CHARGE FEES ANYWHERE FROM $400 – $1200 PER OUR. Legal fees for these attorneys are paid from funds through the Social Security Title IV D Fund. Also it is known practice that family court Judges run private referral services with therapists that they personally know and many families are bankrupted by these fees.

Therapists are to serve the best interest and welfare of the children but in many cases the children are emotionally raped and alienated from one of their  parents to benefit the corruptive practices of the “courtroom cartel”.

Salvador Contreras, who back in 2009 reported the neglect, abuse & suicidal thoughts of his daughter in the home of her mother & stepfather stated,”I went to the court system to help save my daughter but instead of helping my child Judge Katz places an ORDER OF PROTECTION AGAINST ME WITH HEARSAY FROM MY CHILD’S ABUSER. Then my worst nightmare happens my child is taken from me for 1 ½ years and we can only see her once a week presently. Her court appointed therapist Dr Beth Wilner never allows her to talk about her suicidal thoughts and we can never discuss the true problems but Dr Wilner does discuss her fees and monthly bills”

Many of these court appointed therapist are part of the corruption and abuse of innocent children and the financial ruin of their families who pay high fees for “therapy” sessions. Families who are placed in this corruptive scenario FILE BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE OF COURT ORDERED THERAPY AND LEGAL FEES. Families lose their homes and college funds.

Gloria Sykes, WHOSE  91 YEAR OLD MOTHER WAS NEVER DECLARED INCOMPETENT BUT WAS IMPRISONED IN A NURSING HOME, STRIPPED OF HER ASSETS AND PLACED UNDER GUARDIANSHIP was ripped from her care said,”I compare this court abuse of the elderly to Hitler’s concentration camps. The pain, fear and the unknown wrongful suffering is unimaginable. I rally today for justice and to stop the court and its officers from abusing our families.”

Julie Contreras, an advocate for many families and whose stepchild is being victimized by the “Court Cartel” stated, “Judges in the family courts today are the ones who determine the fate of many children. All these individuals who partake in the family court system are human and very capable of being wrong, careless, corrupt or just plain lazy. MISTAKES ARE MADE BY JUDGES AND INNOCENT CHILDREN BECOME VICTIMIZED by the very system that was created to protect

Victims and advocates will stand united to stop the abusive practices of removing a child or elderly person from the custody of the protective parent or family in the court system. At the beginning of each hour of the protest a prayer will be offered to stop the abuse of children, disabled and elderly across this nation.

Organizers of the event invite the public to join and support the families and stop the abuse.

When:            August 12, 2011

Time:            9am – 5pm

Where:           Noth Daley Center Plaza
50 W. Washington
Chicago, IL  –

and in every major city in the United States – see:  for the location of the protest site in your city

Court hired psychological evaluators have phoney diplomas – unqualified; kids for cash court scheme

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This video exposes that many of the court psychological and home environment evaluators in divorce, child custody, child abuse and elder abuse cases are phoney and have worthless “diplomas”. Courts rely on these fraudulent evaluators and these crooks are influencing courts and causing children to be removed from parents and elderly persons to be kidnapped and isolated from their families while the court appointed guardians steal their estates. Legitimate evaluators are often denied work with the courts as the courts have contracts with these swindlers/imposters. There is no oversight and the records of payments to these swindler/imposters is hidden and unavailable to the public. This is an outrage.

Billions of dollars of Social Security Title IV D funds are used to enrich these court appointed evaluators and public guardians who are committing fraud upon the U.S. taxpayers and the courts, many of whom receive $50,000 to $100,000  PER CASE! See the story here. Billions more are taken from the families, the disabled, and the elderly, even from the kid’s college funds, and from elder’s retirement funds, impoverishing the families to pay these evaluators and court appointed guardians. More documentation here.

Join the nationwide protest against court abuse of American Families on August 12, 2011 – find the protest site in your city here.

“The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do
anything about it”.
-Albert Einstein

Please write the U.S. Attorney and ask for an immediate investigation.

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

e-mail =

Office of the Attorney General of the United States
(202) 514-2001

Corrupt divorce judges give kids to abusers, addicts, demonize healthy parent

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Our goal is to bring the issues to the light of day and expose the names and actions, in detail, of divorce court, probate court, and mental health court judges who take control of a family’s or elderly persons funds and estate and essentially divy it out to court appointed child representatives, guardians, counselors, property managers, etc., raping the estates and essentially stealing all funds even college funds families have saved for children.

When an elderly person is alleged to have been exploited or abused the courts, without due process or clear and  convincing evidence ban family members from seeing the elderly person, kidnap and imprison the elderly person in a nursing home, often of poor quality, and then sell all their assets and bleed them out to this endless list of managers, guardians and counselors. Then the elderly person dies in misery alone, with all the money they saved taken and not used to take care of their needs at the ends of their lives.

In divorce court, the judges appoint a guardian or child representative, who is unqualified to do their jobs. They fail to appoint professionals who would do a proper investigation of the best interest of the children. Then these court appoint slashers pick the parent with the most funds to demonize. False accusations of “mental illness” are made if a parent calls DCFS and the judges maliciously and wrongfully rule that a parent who calls DCFS with a legitimate concern about the other parent is a “danger to the children” because they are causing the kids to be exposed to an unfounded allegation.  If any DCFS investigation turns out to be unfounded the parent that calls the report in will never get custody of their child and at most will have a few supervised visits – but this parent will be forced to pay support to the abusing parent.

The judges for whom we have documented evidence in the form of transcripts, court pleadings and DCFS reports that have harmed families and children in the above manner include:

Judge David Haracz              linked evidence     linked evidence

Judge Vega

Judge Jacobius

Judge Bellows

Judge Evans

Judge Mathein

Written by Linda Shelton

August 7, 2011 at 10:08 am

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Courts stealing elderly estates, removing control from families, enriching lawyers & corrupt guardians

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Stop courts from abusing elderly, stealing their estates, enriching lawyers and public guardians, preventing contact with family members, bringing false allegations of neglect and abuse to get rid of families – billions being stolen. Elder abuse by government rampant.

Join nationwide protest in your city –

See Press Release here.

Site discussion a mother’s  fight in family court for her children here (Justice4Children)

See web site exposing the rackateering involved in probate court abuse of elderly here (Guardianship Justice Coalition).

See web site Probate Sharks and the Coopers horror story about the state neglecting and abusing their severely mentally ill daughter while falsely alleging they abused her, than after destroying their daughter for decades, they used this severely mentally ill person as a witness to verify that the Coopers were abusing the wife’s mother and as an excuse to rob the elderly woman and keep her from her family. See these links:  Part 1  Part 2

Stop elder & child abuse by the courts – August 12, 2011

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Press Release 8/8/11

People United to Stop Court Abuse of American Families

A Coalition of Concerned Citizens and Groups Around this Country

In Chicago – STOP ILLINOIS CORRUPTION JUSTICE4CHILDREN – and many other groups

Joined with other Patriots in Chicago in Protest




Join concerned citizens august 12, 2011


For informaton about the protest site in your city check:

         Demand enforcement of current law to STOP:

1 – Removing children from parents based on unverified hearsay without clear and convincing  evidence

2 – Giving custody to one parent over another without clear convincing evidence other than Parent  is unfit

3 – Exploiting  family funds to enrich court appointed attorneys & counselors, many of which are unqualified to evaluate families, then hiding their invoices for “services” under the guise of “confidentiality”

4– Exploiting  the elderly and letting one adult child ban other children from assisting their  elderly parents, based on unverified hearsay

5 – Allowing court appointed guardians  of the elderly to rape the funds of the elderly for their own benefit

6 – Having the  appearance of taking custody of a child from the protective parent and giving  it to the abusive parent who may be a sexual abuser, drug addict, husband or wife  beater or con-artist, solely because the protective  parent reported the abuse, based on unverified hearsay used by unqualified child representatives

7 – Removing severely disabled children from their parents based on unverified hearsay

– anyone wishing to participate or support stopping the abuse of children &
elderly please contact Gwendolyn Chubb of Justice
for Children
by phone 773 377-5468 or e-mail

For more info see

Also see how one woman is unveiling the Curtain hiding the Family Court [IN]Justice System to

expose the “Cottage Industry” which harms children for profit

Court appointed evaluators have  phoney diplomas – unqualified and relied on by judges – see story here

Abuse of families and children with unverified heresay

The truth about court sanctioned child protective (DCFS) workers and child representatives in divorce court

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This video gives a clear picture about how the system works everywhere in this country. It can’t be fixed with a little tweet. Drastic measures are needed. You can substitute “child representative” for the title “child protective worker” [AKA DCFS agent] as they do the same thing!

In Cook County divorce court it is Judge Haracz among other judges who rubber-stamps the fraud by the CPS worker or the child representative or guardian ad litem.

Join us in protesting against the system and demanding change on the North side of the Daley Center in Chicago on August 12, 2011 – or in other major cities – see

“We’re close to a civil war” – Judge Haracz leads the corrupt plundering thieves in Cook County family court

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Judges like Judge Haracz in Cook County are typical of how our family court system in the U.S. is in meltdown, plundering families for their profit and to enrich child representatives, court appointed lawyers, counseling agencies, visitation supervision agencies, defaming non-custodial parents, promoting divorce, insisting on family separation and long drawn out proceedings that seriously harm the mental health of children. Judge Haracz abdicates his responsibilities and simply rubber stamps the lies of the child representatives like David Wessel and Regina Scannicchio. How do we know this. Well, we have the pleadings and reports from numerous cases, only one of which we have started to post on this blog. When we finish posting all the evidence, there will be only one thing left – IMPEACH JUDGE HARACZ – he is destroying families. Much much more to follow. Join us in protest August 12, 2011, north side of Daley Center, from 8 am to 5 pm.  Show your support for courageous parents like Linda Sacks, David Bambic, Gwendolyn Shavers, Nancy Roulfe and others by standing with us.

Follow the pending historic United States Supreme Court case addressing the abuses of Child Protecton Services in divorce cases here.

Read the United States Supreme Court petition here.

The following video says it all:

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