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Free innocent ROBIN JOHNSON wrongfully convicted of murder in IL, during a seizure when she was confused, but evidence withheld from jury

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With the prosecutor failing to explain why a significant portion of the video tapes were missing,

Tiny (5 ft. tall with very tiny hands) grandmother Robin Johnson was wrongfully convicted of wrestling a large gun from an officer (> 6 ft tall and experienced), killing him and sentenced to life in prison (during an epileptic seizure where she was in a fugue state, confused and acting like an automaton, at a bus stop at 2 am (which she had done before) where the officer grabbed her neck and banged her head against a bus. The court refused to allow her to talk about or present her long-term treating physicians or medical evidence of long-standing seizures causing her to wonder at odd times, or the fact her family had found her on the floor from a seizure hours before).

  • she has no understanding of the working of gun safety switches, and
  • she has no experience or training in self-defense or aggressive physical attack methods that would have allowed her to grab a gun from an officer, remove the safety, and fire it so as to shoot him in the head,

while her head was being bashed against a bus by the officer and then she was thrown to the ground by him as testimony verified, in the middle of a fugue like seizure which she had a very long history of suffering from – the FBI and U.S. ATTORNEY REALLY NEED TO INVESTIGATE THIS ONE – there is no evidence she held a gun (mysteriously minutes of the videotape are missing) and the gun mysteriously disappeared & reappeared so fingerprints not examined !! –

this was another case of an INNOCENT BLACK PERSON being shot full of holes (Robin was wounded 22 times and barely survived) by white officers, falsely defamed as an “angry person”, when she’s just a average but very poor nice grandmother – she had 22 bullet wounds (received as she was trying to protect herself by sliding under a car and holding her hands in front of her) and barely survived nearly having an arm amputated – by overzealous officers who likely killed their own officer (I personally examined her hand and asked her non-leading questions about guns – which proved she is extremely naive and inexperienced and have some experience in forensic pathology about these things as I rotated in forensic pathology as a graduate student for six months and in psychiatry as I was medical director of a psychiatry group practice, in addition to receiving training in psychiatry during my pediatric residency)!

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